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Musical Theatre

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Musical Theatre



Fees for the course commencing September 2024 are a total of £16,850 and include all tuition (including private singing and portfolios) and organised theatre trips. Students are required to pay a deposit of £1000 to secure their place upon acceptance, and the remaining fees in advance of the start of the course.


LSMT recognise that an investment into a training of this calibre is a serious financial commitment. We would recommend that before applying, prospective students ensure that they have planned a funding strategy, which may include the acquisition of a private loan or sponsorship. The school is a purely vocational training outside of the university framework, and students are therefore not eligible for a loan through the SLC. Although we are unable to offer full grants for the training, the school is a registered charity (Number 1166152) and offers several grants for part-funding, available as a subsidy against fees. Application for these funds is available to students who have been offered a place on the course.


General Training Grants

There are several awards of up to £5000 available. As all students are accepted on the course on the basis of their talent, the consideration for these awards is entirely based on financial circumstance. The intent of these grants is to enable those from financially disadvantaged backgrounds, an opportunity to attend. The decision to offer a grant will be taken by the Trustees of the charity, based on information requested from the applicant, to inform the awarding process.

George Peabody Performing Arts Grant

The award has been named after the great Victorian Philanthropist, George Peabody. LSMT has established this Grant for those who are unable to afford to attend our training and who are currently underrepresented in the Industry. The funding is designated for those of African or Caribbean heritage, South, East and South East Asian heritage, Middle-Eastern heritage or those who identify as bi-racial or multi-racial. There are several Grants of up to £5000 available. Applicants in need of greater assistance may also apply for a general LSMT Grant in addition to this specific fund.


The Fiona Stephenson Award
A grant of £3000 for a talented female applicant originating from within the county of Tyne and Wear. The intent of this grant is to support individuals with long standing family ties to this area, and who would otherwise be unable to attend due to financial constraints.   


LSMT Administered Funding
The school regularly distributes funding when available, on behalf of grant giving charitable organisations. LSMT is entrusted to select the recipients of the awards based on criteria stipulated by the relevant charity. 


Enterprise Arts Trust

LSMT have been awarded funding from Enterprise Arts Trust to allocate a grant to assist a student on the course. 

"LSMT gave me an excellent training and secured me a fantastic agent. Within a

short time of finishing the course I was in

West End show."


The Book of Mormon, West Side Story

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